The Psalterium Foundation

The Psalterium Foundation (Stichting Psalterium) was initially established to support the recording of the entire Latin Psalter in Gregorian chant (all 150 psalms with 183 antiphons – many recorded for the first time) completed in May 2018. See: for a complete overview of this ambitious undertaking.

Below three sample recordings from this project. Scroll down further for a documentary on the project and some images of Église Notre-Dame-de-la-Nativité de Malay – a lovely Romanesque church (ca. 1100 AD) where the Project was recorded during nine week-long recording sessions over a period of six years (2012-2017). This whole project was privately funded.

The Foundation also serves to encourage research and support of bringing unknown chant repertoire alive by manuscript study, recording and performance. See this link to our next project.

Psalm 65
Psalm 142
Psalm 94 (Invitatorium)