The Psalterium Foundation’s Next Project

Our next project is currently being researched – The Office of St. Gengulphus.

Saint Gengulphus was a Burgundian knight of Varennes sur Amance in the present département of Haut Marne,  France. He was a man of outstanding piety and charitableness who served as a soldier under Pepin the Short, and whose martyrdom took the unusual form of being murdered (ca 760) by his wife's lover. His name is entered as a saint and martyr in the Roman Martyrology on 11th May, which is generally accepted to have been the date of his death. Whilst being particularly regarded as the patron saint of deceived husbands and unhappy marriages, St Gengulphus also has traditional assocations with shoe-makers, tanners, glove-makers, horsemen, knights and huntsmen.

We located the office of St. Gengulphus in an early 13th century manuscript  –  Metz 461, lost in a bombing raid in WWII, but surviving as a microfilm made by the Abbey of Solesmes in the interbellum years to support their research into chant restoration.

Present planning is to record the office in the church in Malay (southern Burgundy) in a week long recording session in October 2020.  (This is the same location as for the Psalterium Project completed in May 2018.) Presentation of the finished project scheduled for May 2021.

See for more information on this secular saint.

Top image: St Gangolf  (Stuttgarter Passionale ca. 1150)
Bottom image: St Gengoux, with St. Genevieve, St Louis and St Roche
St Gengoux le National (71) France