The Foundation’s Third Project

Seven Ofertoriae and fifty-seven Matin Great Responsories(as noted in the10th century Hartker Antiphonary for Advent will be the Psalterium Roundation’s third inspiring project. Soloist for all the verses of the recorded works is Jasper Schweppe a Dutch baritone: member of the Netherlands Chamber choir, frequent soloist in Dutch concert halls and also member of Hartkeriana.

Plans are now solidifying for a 1-2 week recording session in the second half ofJune 2024. Recording will again take place in the Église Notre-Dame-de-la-Nativité de Malay – a magnificently restored church (ca. 1100) where all our recordings are made. It is located in a pastoral setting in a commune of just over 200 inhabitants. With an excellent acoustic – a prime and inspiring location for our recordings.