Orders for CDs/DVD of the Psalterium Project

Above music sample from the Project is Psalm 150.

RezensionHartkerianaBzG  is a review (PDF in German) from the Beiträge zur Gregorianik (December 2019) on the Psalterium Project. 

An English language review of the Project was published in the US Fanfare Magazine in their Nov/Dec edition in 2018. Scroll down below the sample sounds at: http://www.psalterium.nl/

In January 2018 Dutch television broadcasted our documentary of the Psalterium Project. We’ve edited English subtitles into our original version of this documentary.   Link to the documentary? Scroll down below or just click immediately below for the YouTube link with English subtitles:


Orders NOW Being Taken

Prices listed below include all 12 CDs, DVD documentary, and the hard cover book Psalterium Currens with all 150 psalms and 183 antiphons – many published for the first time. Prices include packaging and delivery costs.

Still available! About 1,100 copies left (MAY 2020)! Grab it while you can!

To any address in the Netherlands:  75 euros
To any address in Europe (ex. Russia):  82 euros
Rest of the world:  90 euros

Bank Coordinates:

BIC Code (also known as Swift code):    INGBNL2A
IBAN:    NL82 INGB 0006 730247
Name of recipient:  Stichting Psalterium
Address of recipient: De Maalkom 11,  1191LP Ouderkerk a/d Amstel, The Netherlands

N.B. Orders within the Euro area and paid via PayPal pay the ‘rest of world’ price.
Reason: Online payments within the Euro area via Euro area bank transters are free of costs to both parties. Payments via PayPal are not. Costs of any other non-Euro bank imposed transactions are borne by the Foundation. Our pricing is based on these parameters. This is a not-for-profit Foundation. All additional funds go to support new projects. See an outline of our next project here.

Don’t forget to communicate your delivery address. You can do this in the bank transfer or via the Contact Page after transferring the necessary funds to the above bank account. If the contact page link does not work email to:  chantman2 (at) hotmail (dot) com 

PayPal Option  (cheapest option for ‘rest of world’ buyers)